12 formations take part in the First Festival of Sacred Choir Music “Three Holy Song” – Sofia

Place: Sofia, Ancient Church "Saint Sophia - Wisdom of God"

Дати: 19 June - 22 June 2024

The festival for spiritual choral music “”Three Holy Song” is organized by the Bulgarian Choral Union and the Ancient Church “Saint Sophia – Wisdom of God” with the assistance of the Holy Metropolis of Sofia.
Bulgarian choirs performing musical works with spiritual themes will perform.
It is held in the days before the great Christian holiday of Pentecost or the Holy Trinity.
06/19/2024, Wednesday
Official opening of the Festival
18.00 hours
Solemn prayer
Mixed Choir of the Ancient Church “Saint Sophia – Wisdom of God”
conductor Slavil Dimitrov
Troparion of Pentecost – voice 8
Lord have mercy – monody in voice 6
St. Quiet – N. Kedrov – son
It is worthy – Dm. Bortnyansky
In your kingdoms – D. Hristov
Cherubimska no. 2 – Slavil Dimitrov
Great Doxology – Rev. Dimitrov
Ave verum corpus – VA Mozart
Credo Ensemble
JS Bach – Aria from Suite for Orchestra No. 3
Franz Schubert – First movement of String Quartet No. 1
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Fourth Movement of String Quartet No. 4
Youth Choir Chapel at NMS “Lyubomir Pipkov”
conductor Slavil Dimitrov 10:00
Troparion of Pentecost – voice 8
Troparion of Cyril and Methodius
We carry you – Dobri Hristov
Ecce quomodo moritur justis – Jacob Gal
Ave Maria – Jacob Arkadelt
Angel sang – F. Makarov
Laudate Dominum – VA Mozart

06/20/2024, Thursday
A concert
18.00 hours
“Peter Dinev” Chamber Choir at the “St. St. Cyril and Methodius”, Sofia

conductor Denitsa Kaburova

Holy God – J. Yu. Petrenko

Above the prophets – M. Balakirev

It is worthy – P. Chesnokov

Rejoice over you – town of Sepfori

“Irina Stiglich” Chamber Choir, Sofia
conductor Marina Koleva
Bless, my soul, the Lord – Good Christ
We take you – Dobri Hristov
Worthy is – Petar Dinev,
Ukholo Lwami – Spiritual, arr. Michael Barrett, Mpumelelo Manyati
Gaudete! – a medieval Christmas carol

Ohana Youth Chamber Choir
Conductor – Dimitar Kostanzaliev
“Praise the name of God” – music: Dobri Hristov – (1875 – 1941)
“Evening Sacrifice” – music: P. Chesnokov (1877 – 1944)
“Crucifixus for 8 voices” – music by Antonio Lotti
“Mater Amabilis” – Jacobs Janchevskis

Academic Choir “Angel Manolov” at the Student House, Sofia
conductor Darena Popova
We take you – Dobri Hristov
Nine layoffs – A. Arkhangelski
UnserKeiner LebetihmSelber – Heinrich Schütz
Concert No.1, Part I – Gavriil Musicescu
O quam suavis – Valentin Zubiaurre
Troparion of Pentecost, Ch. 8
Laudate pueri Dominum – Vytautas Mishkinis


06/21/2024, Friday
“Ivan Spasov” Chamber Choir, Plovdiv
Conductor Gergana Lutskanova – Petrova
Salve Regina – Bruno Vlahek
Peace be with you – Knut Nystedt
Troparion of Pentecost – Liliya Zhbanova
Prophets from above – Miliy Balakirev
Blessed husband – Mikhail Ipolitov-Ivanov
Angel sang – Petar Dinev
I called with my voice to the Lord – Alexander Archangel

Choir of the Sofia Theological Seminary “St. Ioan Rilski”, Sofia
conductor Archimandrite Meletii Spasov
Troparion of Pentecost
Hymns in praise of St. Porphyry Cavsokalyvitus
Verses from the great doxology of chapter 3


06/22/2024, Saturday
12.00 p.m.
“Humility” vocal ensemble, Sofia
conductor Eleonora Hristova
The Virgin Praying – Stoyan Babekov
Mother of God, rejoice – monastery chant
Mixed Choir “Rila Sounds”, town of Dupnitsa
conductor Philip Stavrov
Our Father – N. Kedrov – father
Holy God – PI Tchaikovsky
Who God is great
Women’s Choir at Choir School “Prof. Georgi Dimitrov”, Yambol
conductor V. Pastermadzhieva
“Praise the name of the Lord” – Byzantine chant
Troparion of the Introduction of the Virgin – Stoyan Babekov
“Miserere mei” “ – Antonio Lotti
“Diligent to the Mother of God” – A. Arkhangelski
“Mother of God, Virgin, rejoice” – S. Rachmaninoff
“Ave Maria” – Mary Choo
“You raise me up” – Rolf Loveland