List of all registered choral formations in the Bulgarian Choir Union

Children’s choir at 107th “Khan Krum” Secondary School – Sofia

The choir was formed in 2018. His repertoire is inspired and developed in three main directions: – children’s and school songs – the modern reading of Bulgarian folklore – the “eternal” popular songs During its short creative journey, the choir actively participated in various concert performances of the school, Sofia municipality – Lozenets district, Regional […]

First Bulgarian Choir “Yanko Mustakov” – Svishtov

The first Bulgarian choir was founded in the town of Svishtov in 1868 by Yanko Mustakov – a teacher, versatile musician and public figure. In 1934, the choir adopted the name “Yanko Mustakov” People’s Choir – as an expression of respect for the personality and work of its founder. Over the years, it has been […]

“Lira” – Novi pazar

Тhe choir was formed in 2016 by women between the ages of 28 and 50, and all the singers are former choristers in the “Lira” children’s choir at Vasil Levski Secondary School. In a short time, 19 female choristers gather and rehearse hard to prepare with a repertoire of past and present choral songs. The […]

Novi pazar

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Sofia Women’s International Choir

The Sofia Women’s International Choir was founded in 2010 as an opportunity for non-Bulgarianspeaking ladies to share their love of choral singing. Ove rthe years, the participants represented more than 17 different countries, the unifying language is English. The choir is chamber, the singers varies every year, due to the ir mobility,with a large concert […]

Vocal ansamble Annunciation

It was created on September 2, 1988 by maestro Dimitrina Hineva as a private choir of amateur singers under the name “Friends of Music”. Over the years, the collegium passed through community center activities at the “Hristo Botev” Elementary School, “Mayakovski” Elementary School and through various age formations. Later, it became a school choir of […]

Varna Boys and Youths Choir

The Varna Boys and Youths Choir was founded in 1969 by Professor Marin Chonev /1932-2012/, the choir’s long-standing Chief Conductor.The Choir includes about 100 boys and youngsters aged 5 to 25. Its activity is supported by the Municipality of Varna, Directorate “Culture and Spiritual Development”. In its 53-year history, the Choir has won prizes from […]

Zhelezni Struni Choir

For its high achievements in the promotion of Bulgarian singing art, the Zhelezni Struni Choir was awarded the Order of Cyril and Methodius, 1st degree.


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Ave Musica Choir

The Ave Musica choir was founded in 1998 in honour of 45 years of creative activity of the famous Bulgarian conductor prof. Lilia Giuleva.