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Developing and promoting the Bulgarian choral arts since 1926

Bulgarian Choir Union

“Bulgarian Choir Union” is a non-profit legal entity established to carry out musical and educational activities. The Association carries out various activities: organizing artistic and creative performances in the country and abroad; popularizing the choral creativity of Bulgarian authors and world choral creativity; creative activity in the interest of the development of choral collectives and individual performers; organizing and conducting music-educational courses, competitions, festivals and festivals; participation in projects, etc.

The aims of the organisation are: to carry out musical-educational and singing activities; to create conditions for the development of artistic creativity among young intellectuals; to make and develop contacts between the association and other related organisations in the country and abroad; to organise concerts, competitions and other cultural events related to choral art.

The mission of the Association is to preserve the choral traditions in Bulgaria, while working to raise the level of Bulgarian choral formations; to provide opportunities for improving and developing the qualifications of conductors by organizing courses, workshops and workshops; to support the creative process in the conditions of COVID-19 and unforeseen circumstances that interfere with regular activities or put at risk the participants.

The organisation’s team is made up of proven professionals in the field of choral and orchestral conducting. Each member of the BCU Board successfully directs his or her own choral formation and/or orchestra, making them knowledgeable and competent in the issues and problems of choral music and creativity not only in Bulgaria, but around the world.

The team’s vision for the future of the organization is for the BCU to become the guarantor and pillar of choral art in the country. It is the Union that supports choral conductors in their desire to work and develop their formations, to improve their qualifications, to build on their achievements and to help them in finding and making contacts with partner and festival organizations. The BCU will stimulate and create conditions for active concert and training activities of choir members and conductors, and will work for the return of children’s and youth choirs to every Bulgarian school. This will also lead to the rise of adult choirs and raise their level. At the present time, one of the main activities of the organization is to show that choral singing is one of the most successful tools for coping with stress and mental strain and to defend the right of choirs and conductors to work under emergency conditions.

Board of Directors:
2021 - 2025