Choir Festival – Varna 2022

Place: Varna, City Art Gallery "Boris Georgiev"; State Opera - Varna - Outside Stage; Outside Stage in front of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker Church; Stage "Shell"

Date: 22 September 2022, Thursday

Beginning: 20:00

The Choir Festival and the IV National Festival of Children and Youth Choirs – Varna 2022 will take place from 22 to 25 September 2022. They are organized by the Directorate of Culture and Spiritual Development – Varna Municipality. They are held in order to:
– cultural exchange, networking and cooperation between choirs from the country;
– creating conditions for the development and support of existing children’s and youth choirs;
– expanding their performance opportunities and enriching their creative potential;
– involving and encouraging youth in the cultural values of the art of singing.
The choir festivals in 2022 shall be held in accordance with the epidemiological situation in the country, in compliance with all regulations and rules laid down by the State and health authorities concerning the spread of the COVID-19 contagion.

The choir festivals are led by an Organizing Committee, composed of leading conductors in the field of choral art from the city. They are not competitive.

The program of the Choir Festival is determined by the Organizing Committee and includes: 

a) Opening ceremony and concert – 22 September starting at 20:00;

b) Concerts of the Choir Festival participants – 23 and 24 September starting at 18:00; 1. City Art Gallery “Boris Georgiev”; 2. State Opera – Varna – Outdoor stage; 3. Outside stage in front of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker Church; 4. Stage “Shell”.

c) Concerts of the participating collectives in Choir Festivals for the public of the town. Varna in Delta Planet Mall – Varna (14:00) and a choir concert on a specially built stage in Anton Novak Square (at the entrance to the Sea Garden – 18:00) – 24 September;

Note: Participation of choral groups in the concerts and events of the Festival is compulsory.

d) Assembly of the Bulgarian Choir Union, which will be held on 24 September at 11:00 in the rehearsal hall of the Choir School “Prof. Marin Čonev” – ul. “Musala” № 7.

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Culture and Spiritual Development Directorate
International May Choir Competition “Prof. Georgi Dimitrov”
Varna Choir Festival 2022
Artistic Secretary.
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