XII Celebration of Women’s and Girls’ Choirs “Prof. Lilia Giuleva”

Place: Targovishte

Date: 02 June 2023, Friday

Beginning: 16:00

The Organizing Committee of the “The Festival of Women’s and Girls’ Choirs “Prof. Л. Giuleva” in the town. Targovishte is pleased to invite you to visit the twelfth edition, which will take place on 2-4 June 2023.

The Festivals of Women’s and Girls’ Choirs have established themselves as a bright artistic fact in the musical life of Bulgaria They were organized for the first time in 1987 in Targovishte and opened a new page in the many choral performances in Bulgaria. This is a unique musical forum, without analogue in the world choral practice, which helps to promote and wider recognition in society of women’s choral art.
The representative women’s choir “Zlatna Lira” at Targovishte Municipality with conductor Iliana Ivanova is a kind of host of the Festival. The aim of the Festivities is to stimulate the development of women’s and girls’ choral singing and to contribute to the better mutual understanding of people living in Europe.