“Lira” – Novi pazar

Тhe choir was formed in 2016 by women between the ages of 28 and 50, and all the singers are former choristers in the “Lira” children’s choir at Vasil Levski Secondary School. In a short time, 19 female choristers gather and rehearse hard to prepare with a repertoire of past and present choral songs.

The occasion for the formation of the choir is the celebration of the 140th anniversary of the choir in Novi Pazar, which took place on November 31, 2016, on the occasion of the day of folk revivalists, 45 years of the choir “Asparuhovo Echo” and 40 years of creative activity of the conductor Milka Danailova.

After that they are invited to participate in the First National Festival of Christmas and New Year’s Song 2016 in the city of Haskovo and in the annual Christmas concert of the community center “Hristo Botev – 1872” in the city of Novi Pazar.
They also take part in the Fourth Spring Choir Festival – Kazanlak (part of the National Choir Initiative of BHS “Bulgaria sings 2017”.

The choir takes part in all municipal and community performances in Novi Pazar.

Honorary first places in the 10th National Assembly of Chitalishtas in the city of Byala 2018 and the Folk Art Festival “Like Living Water” in the city of Suvorovo.

In 2019, the choir won gold medals from the FATHERLAND PATRIOTIC SONG FESTIVAL, Pleven, and from the XI National Assembly of Chitalishtas, Byala.
The same year, the choir won the first prize at the IV Distance Competition “New Voices and Songs” at the Festival of Bulgarian Song in the category of choirs, ensembles and duets.