Chamber Choir “Irina Shtiglich”

Chamber Choir “Irina Shtiglich” is a youth mixed ensemble with chief conductor and artistic director – Marina Koleva, pianist – Svetlin Hristov. The choir aims to develop Bulgarian talent and love for choral art among young people aged 16-35, to maintain Bulgarian choral traditions while introducing contemporary trends in choral singing. In the preparation of the repertoire and vocal work, methods such as: body percussion, mise-en-scenes and choreographies are often used.

The repertoire of the Irina Shtiglich Chamber Choir over the years has included works by Bulgarian and foreign composers from the Renaissance to the present day. Thanks to the warm protection of the Chitalishte “Slavyanska beseda 1880”, the Irina Shchiglich Chamber Choir is able to hold its rehearsals regularly. It has made concert tours around the country and abroad and participated in international choral festivals and competitions.

Марина Петрова Колева

Since 2019, the conductor and artistic director of the choir is Marina Koleva. The choir became a mixed youth ensemble in early 2020 and was joined by pianist Svetlin Hristov. Vocal teacher with episodic involvement is mezzo-soprano Galia Pavlova.

Some of the choir’s recent concerts and appearances include: