Children’s choir at 107th “Khan Krum” Secondary School – Sofia

The choir was formed in 2018. His repertoire is inspired and developed in three main directions:

– children’s and school songs

– the modern reading of Bulgarian folklore

– the “eternal” popular songs

During its short creative journey, the choir actively participated in various concert performances of the school, Sofia municipality – Lozenets district, Regional Department of Education, Sofia – city.
He has performed in front of guests from many European countries – France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Spain, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Malta, Poland, the Netherlands, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia
In the last year, teachers and employees from the school are also included in the choir, and the idea is to actively involve those working with children in the work and concerts of the choir

Choir conductor is Pavlina Chochova. She graduated from NMU “Lyubomir Pipkov” with a specialty in piano and AMTII with a specialty in music pedagogy. She worked as an accompanist and conductor of the Representative Mixed Choir “Alen Mak” and a conductor of a women’s choir at the “Nikola Vaptsarov” Secondary School – Blagoevgrad. At the moment, he works as a music teacher at 107. OU “Khan Krum” – Sofia.

The choir tutor is Staniela Serbinova. She graduated from SU “Sveti Kliment Ohridski” with majors in elementary pedagogy and music pedagogy.