Children’s Choir ,,Dunavski valni”

The Children’s and Girls’ Choir “Dunavski valni” at the Municipal Choir Centre of Ruse – Bulgaria was founded in 1947. It has participated in numerous national and international choir festivals and competitions and has won a number of awards and first prizes.

It has won prestigious awards, including: the Lifetime Achievement Award ,,Kibela” – Razgrad, Second Prize and Honorary Prize at the International Competition in Neuchatel, Switzerland, Third Prize at the Choral Competition in Cantonigros, Spain, First Prize at the Choral Competition ,,Zvuchit Moskva”, Second Prize at the International Choral Competition in May ,,Proff. Georgi Dimitrov” in Varna, Third Prize and Diploma at the First International Choir Competition in Istanbul, Turkey, First Prize and Diploma at the International Choir Festival “Friends of Bulgaria”, Annual Award for 2012. Grand Prix of the 12th International Choir Competition “Maestro Zahari Mednikarov” in Albena, First Prize of the International Choir Festival “Music and Sea” in Paralia, Greece, First Prize of the 12th International Choir Festival “Giuseppe Zelioli” Lecco, Italy.

Весела Тодорова

Vesela Todorova graduated from AMTII, Plovdiv with a degree in Music Pedagogy. She studied classical singing with prof. Valentina Alexandrova, choral conducting in the class of Krikor Cetinyan and orchestral conducting under prof. Ivan Spasov.

Since 1992 he has been the conductor of the children’s choir “Dunavski valni”.

In 2010, he was the conductor of the 32nd MMHC “Prof. Georgi Dimitrov” – Varna, she was awarded the prize for “Best Bulgarian conductor of a children’s choir”. In 2011 she won the special prize of the National Children’s Palace for the development “Dunavski valni Choir – the need to be part of the great art”.

In 2019, Ms Vesela Todorova won the award for the best conductor of the XI Celebration of Women’s and Girls’ Choirs “Prof. Liliya Giuleva”, Sofia. .

She was awarded the Golden Badge of Ruse Municipality in connection with the 60th anniversary of the choir.