Children’s choir “Orpheus”

Children’s choir “Orpheus” was founded in 1977. The main goal of the formation is to discover talented children and develop their singing talents. The choir is the only children’s choir that has been awarded the title “Representative” for Bulgaria in the entire Haskovo region. The repertoire of the formation is very diverse.

In its 40 years of existence the choir has performed over 650 concerts in the country and abroad, and has toured throughout Europe. The ensemble is a partner of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation and China Soong Ching Ling Science and Cultire Center for Young People, China and a representative of Bulgaria in festivals organized by the foundation.

Orfei have won prizes at national and international competitions and festivals in Varna, Preveza, Moscow, Cantonigros, Cologne, Bydgoszcz, Plovdiv, Panagyurishte, Nessebar and Sofia. Every year they participate in the festival for spiritual songs and Church Slavonic chants “Hosanna in the Heights” – Sofia, International Festival “Young Talents’ – Sofia and IMF “Sveti Vlas”.

Children’s choir “Orpheus” has been awarded the Golden Badge of the Bulgarian Choral Union, the Silver Lyre of the Union of Music and Dance Workers in Bulgaria, and for its 40th anniversary it was also awarded the Golden Lyre of the SMTDB.

Елена Шопова

Elena Tsvetkova is a graduate of the Academy of Performing Arts – Plovdiv, from the choral conducting class of Assoc. She has been awarded the “Golden Badge” of the BHS, “Golden Lyre” of the SMTDB. Under her direction the ensemble won prizes at competitions in Preveza, Moscow, Plovdiv, Panagyurishte, Nessebar and Sofia. Since 2018 Elena Tsvetkova is a member of the BChU Board.