St. George the Victorious Choir

The choir was founded on November 1, 1993 in Ruse by the conductor Mina Vlaikova. Its choristers are from different schools. In 2001-2006 the choir was a studio of the Ruse Opera and Philharmonic Society. It participates in opera performances, cantata-oratorio works, concerts with the Ruse Philharmonic, solo concerts, appears at competitions, festivals.

Since 2008 she has been a member of the OMD Ruse. The choir maintains a rich repertoire, which always includes Eastern Orthodox music. It has won 6 gold medals, diplomas, diplomas, plaques from republican and international participations, two special awards from the Minister of Defence of Bulgaria, the second place in Neerpelt, Belgium, the special award from the festival “Bydgoszcz Musical Impressions” Poland, and the special jury award “Poetry in Music” from “Seghizzi Gorizia, Italy.

Concert tours. The concert tours to Gyurgau-Romania, Budapest-Hungary, Linz-Austria, Thessaloniki-Greece, Germany and Belgium-Poland and everywhere he enjoyed the audience’s applause. Since 2012, he has been a great admirer of the audience. The choir “St. George the Victorious has been the initiator and main organizer of the festival “St. George Choir Meeting”. George the Victorious Rousse”.

Мина Влайкова

Mina Vlaikova was born in Dobrich. There she studied at a mathematical high school, sang in the world famous children’s choir of Zahari Mednikarov, studied piano, solfege, harmony. She graduated from the Music Academy in Plovdiv.
From 1980 to 1987 he was a conductor in the choir school of Z. Mednikarov, where he also founded the boys’ choir. At the same time he was the chief conductor of the mixed choir “Black Sea Sounds”, Balchik.
In the interval 1991-2001 he was assistant conductor of the mixed choir “Danube Sounds” in Balchik. In Ruse.
In 1993 he founded the choir of the Ruse boys “St. George the Victorious”. Since 2001, with the choir St.. In 2001 they founded the St. George’s Studio at the State Opera Ruse. In 2006-2008, the choir was led by the Ruse Military Club.
From 2008 to the present moment, Mrs. Vlaikova is the conductor of the formations of the Children and Youth Choir ,,St. George the Victorious” at the Municipal Youth Home of the town of St. George. She is a member of the Youth Youth Council of Ruse.