First Bulgarian Choir “Yanko Mustakov” – Svishtov

The first Bulgarian choir was founded in the town of Svishtov in 1868 by Yanko Mustakov – a teacher, versatile musician and public figure. In 1934, the choir adopted the name “Yanko Mustakov” People’s Choir – as an expression of respect for the personality and work of its founder.

Over the years, it has been led by a constellation of distinguished conductors such as Yanko Mustakov, Yanko Chakalov, Ivan Lozanov, Slavi Draganov, Lyubomir Pavlov, Todor Kabakchiev, Elizabeth Ludmilova.

Choir “Yanko Mustakov” has been awarded the highest Bulgarian distinction in the field of culture – Order “Cyril and Methodius” 1st degree. He has made radio and television productions with BNR and BNT.

The choir has participated in a number of Bulgarian and international choir festivals and competitions. Winner of two first and three second prizes from competitions in Polheim – Germany (1988) and Cantonigros – Spain (1990); The special award of the Assembly of the Danube Cities in Silistra (1992).

He gave concerts in Hungary, Greece, Ukraine, Italy, Turkey, France. He participated in choir festivals in Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Turkey, Bulgaria.

Since 1982, the choir has hosted Choir Festivals named after Yanko Mustakov.



The current choir conductor is Veselina Miteva – a graduate of the “Druzhna Pesen” choral school – Sliven, graduated from NUMSI – Burgas with piano and DMA “Pancho Vladigerov” – Sofia with a specialty in choral conducting. During his studies, he began practicing as a chorister, and later as an assistant conductor in the choir of the church “St. Sedmochislenitsi” – Sofia. From 1995 to 1998, he was the conductor of the First Bulgarian Choir “Yanko Mustakov” – Svishtov and author of the first “History of the First Bulgarian Choir”. Until 2020, he lived and worked in the UAE as a piano and music theory teacher, organizer in various fields of art. One of the founders of the Bulgarian Sunday school in Abu Dhabi. After his return, he currently works as an assistant director at the State Opera – Ruse. He again takes over the post of conductor in the First Bulgarian Choir from 2024.