Mixed Choir “Prof. Veneta Vicheva”

Mixed Choir “Prof. Veneta Vicheva” was established in 2020 in the town of Shumen, and almost all the choir members left the same year with the name of Mixed Choir “Rodni Sounds”, which was attached to the first Shumen community center, but for legal reasons had to change the name. This choir, with its singers, accompanist and conductor are the actual composition of “Rodni Sounds”, which the famous Shumen woman prof. Veneta Vicheva led the choir to the heights of choral art. It is in her honour that the choir unites to bear her name. A part of the choir members have devoted their whole lives to singing, under the conducting of prof. Vicheva. Thus, it can be said that the Mixed Choir “Prof. Veneta Vicheva” is the heir of the traditions that were set in the XIX century in the town of Shumen, which the choristers, the accompanist Janeta Katsarova, and prof. Vicheva imposed and established in the Shumen choral art. Mixed Choir “Prof. Veneta Vicheva” is composed of over 50 women and men of different professions and ages, united by choral song.

The choir is the winner of the Second Prize of the National Orthodox Festival “Sv. St. Cyril and Methodius”, town of. Popovo – 2021 and the Special Award of the Association for Folklore “Tsvetnitsa”, 2021, which are the first awards for the ensemble.

The accompanist is Zhaneta Katsarova – a distinguished piano teacher with numerous awards from national and world competitions. She is a long-standing piano teacher at the “Ep. К. Preslavski” and S. Dobroplodni”. Zhaneta Katsarova has been working for over 35 years as a accompanist of the “Rodni Sounds” Choir.


Hristo Atanasov, graduate of prof. Prof. Veneta Vicheva and Assoc. Yuliana Panova, attended master classes for conductors of Assoc. Krikor Cetinyan.

He works with the choristers of the Mixed Choir “Prof. Since 2015, he has been conducting the City Wind Orchestra “Mihail Bikov” in Shumen. The partnership of the two ensembles can often be heard in various events.

In February 2020, the orchestra will take part in the concert of the BIKO. Hristo Atanasov defended his doctoral degree at the “Ep. К. Preslavski”.