Mixed Choir “Slaviansko edinstvo”

1894 – First church choir “Slaviansko edinstvo” with conductor Boris Pilatov – the beginning of choral work in Gorna Oryahovitsa

1924 – The choir became a community choir and enriched its repertoire with secular music.

The successes of the choir, born from the talent and hard work of all singers and directors, supported by the municipality and sponsors, are the indicators of the great creative potential and realized opportunities, which have received recognition in the country and in Europe.

Awards: the ensemble is a laureate of all national festivals, winner of 18 international awards and the Order of Cyril and Methodius – 2nd degree. Milestones are the prizes of the competitions in Langollen – Great Britain, Montreux – Switzerland, Fivitsano – Italy, Preveza – Greece, Tonen – Netherlands, etc. In recognition of his achievements D. Koprinkova was awarded the title “Honorary Citizen” of G. Oriakhovitsa since 2009. In 2012 she was awarded the Golden Lyre by the SBMTD. In 2019 the choir received the Golden Lyre on the occasion of its 125th anniversary, and D. Koprinkova – Crystal Necklace.

The repertoire of the Slaviansko edinstvo Choir includes various styles – from Eastern Orthodox and Catholic sacred music to gospel, spirituals and folk arrangements. The choir has performed with the orchestras of Dobrich, Razgrad, V. A. A. Vivaldi – Mass “Gloria”, Fr. F. Schubert – Mass in Solo Major, K. “Christmas Oratorio”.

17 children passed through the school of “Slaviansko edinstvo”, who graduated from higher musical education and professionally engaged in music. Among them stand out Rosen Krastev – soloist of the opera in Braunschweig (Germany), Iliya Iliev – bass, Marian Kostadinov – baritone and others.

Recordings in Radio Sofia, Cologne, BBC, Belgrade, Chable-Montreux, TV ORF 2.

The choir has released two CDs, produced in 2000 and 2008.

Reviews: “The Way of the Choir – this is the history of the choral work of Gorna Oryahovitsa. “Slaviansko edinstvo” won its place among the best Bulgarian choral-performing collectives and won the respect of the friends of choral song. Its director – Donka Koprinkova ranks among the most talented conductors in the country.”

Prof. Vasil Arnaudov

“There is no doubt that the high art of singing is the main argument in the concert activity of the choir “Slaviansko edinstvo”. I am happy with our joint creative contact on the great European choral stage. Superlatives for the conducting talent of Donka Koprinkova and compliments for the performers of all choir formations.”

Prof. DFA Philip Pavlov – composer and pianist

The new history of the choir “Slaviansko edinstvo” is associated with the name of Donka Koprinkova, who has led the ensemble since 1965 (with a two-year break) until today. Her impeccable professionalism, her broad musical culture, her dedication to choral work continue the school of her teachers prof. Dimitar Ruskov and prof. Donka Koprinkova graduated from the Pancho Vladigerov State Music Academy in 1965. She studied conducting under Professor Dimitar Ruskov and specialized under Professor Vasil Arnaudov, who shaped her as a conductor.

For 55 years Maestro Donka Koprinkova has been the chief artistic director and conductor of the choir Slaviansko edinstvo. The choir’s successes on national and European stages are a testimony to her talent, hard work and great creative potential, which make her name one of the symbols of Bulgarian choral art. In 2009, she was awarded the title of the Czech Choir’s leader. Donka Koprinkova was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of Gorna Oryahovitsa. In 2012 she was awarded a diploma for the best conductor at the International Choir Festival and Competition in Antalya, Turkey.

For her 70th anniversary and 50 years of creative activity she was awarded the Golden Lyre of the Union of Music and Dance Artists, and for the 125th anniversary of the choir – the Crystal Necklace and the Order of St. Cyril and Methodius II degree.