University Choir “Folk-Jazz Formation”

The University Mixed Choir “Folk-Jazz Formation” of New Bulgarian University is an original vocal ensemble performing multi-voice a cappella music. It was created by the idea of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Georgi Petkov in 2002, in the beginning as a small experimental vocal formation with the main repertoire – original works written by its founder. It is the only Student Mixed Choir of its kind, performing original music with a distinctly Bulgarian sound, combining the genre musical hybridity characteristic of postmodernism in contemporary world music culture. It combines the efforts of students from different programs and departments of the NBU with the idea of a new interpretation of Bulgarian musical folklore through the means of choral art. The main repertoire performed by the choir is in the style of Folk-Jazz, written by Georgi Petkov, from where the name of the choir originates. The fact that the choir has its own repertoire and original style makes it unique and inimitable. The choir’s repertoire also includes works for classical choir by authors such as Leopold Mozart, Henry Milsby, Dobri Hristov, Milcho Leviev, Simo Lazarov and others.

The folk-jazz formation of NBU participated in dozens of productions of the national media BNT, BTV, BNR, etc. Two CDs have been released – “The Choral Polyphony between the Sacred and the Folk” and Simo Lazarov’s oratorio “The Divine Beginning” in choral arrangement and under the conducting of Georgi Petkov. The choir has won several first and special prizes and has been a laureate of international festivals and competitions.

The University Choir “Folk-Jazz Formation” marks the beginning of the choral tradition at New Bulgarian University. For 20 years over 600 students from different majors have passed their training through the ensemble. The choir is an active participant in large-scale national and international projects in partnership and joint performances with choirs from Serbia and Germany.

The founder of the University Mixed Choir “Folk-Jazz Formation” of the NBU Assoc. Prof. Dr. Georgi Petkov is a lecturer at the Music Department of the NBU, an established conductor and composer on the international stage with over 900 concerts in Bulgaria and abroad, over 300 titles of compositions. Associate Professor Dr. Petkov is the author of music, arrangements and conductor of dozens of international music projects.

Since 1999 of 2018 he is the conductor of the world famous choir “Bulgarian Voices – ANGELS”. He is the founder of the multi-voice People’s Choir of the L. Pipkov, founder and director of the Vocal Trio “Evridika” and the chamber folk choir “New Bulgarian Voices”, with which they became winners of the 2018 GRAMMY.